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National Associations

  • Members: 155
  • Since: 1979

ACI Australia was established in 1979 as an affiliate to ACI – The Financial Markets Association. Originally known as The Australian Forex Association it changed its name in 1999 to reflect its close association with ACI – The Financial Markets Association. Local membership is currently around 270 individuals employed in wholesale financial markets.

  • Members: 80
  • Since: 2005

The Treasury Markets Association (TMA) was incorporated through the institutionalisation of the Treasury Markets Forum of Hong Kong and the merger with ACI-The Financial markets Association of Hong Kong in 2005. Principal functions of the TMA include promoting co-operation and synergy among market practitioners with a view to enhancing professionalism and the overall competitiveness of the treasury markets in Hong Kong, thereby maintaining the role as an international financial centre.

  • Members: 37
  • Since: 1980

The Forex Association of India is a National Organisation whose members are Treasury Managers, Foreign Exchange Dealers and Foreign Exchange Brokers who are actively involved in Foreign Exchange Trading and Foreign Exchange Risk Management. The members of the Association are drawn from Foreign Exchange Dealing Rooms of all Nationalised Banks, Foreign Banks, Private Sector Banks, Reserve Bank of India and some Corporate Dealing Rooms.

  • Members: 550
  • Since: 1980
  • Members: 17
  • Since: 1987

Established in 1985, the Macau Financial Markets Association (abbreviated as MFMA) is a non-profit taking professional association with affiliation membership to ACI-The Financial Markets Association.

  • Members: 24
  • Since: 1977
  • Members: 19

The New Zealand Financial Markets Association is the professional body for wholesale (institutional) banking in New Zealand. The Association represents the interests of its members in ensuring the sound management of the over-the-counter financial markets. This is achieved by promoting effective self-regulatory initiatives, advocating for the industry, providing relevant education, and developing and implementing high professional standards to be used by members when dealing in these markets.

  • Members: 32
  • Since: 1997

The Financial Markets Association of Pakistan (FMAP) is a non-profit professional body of the Money Market & Foreign Exchange dealers of banks, financial institutions and brokerage houses in the country. The FMAP is affiliated with ACI Paris, France, the apex body of dealers in money and foreign exchange markets globally.

  • Members: 50
  • Since: 1996

ACI Philippines is the official business organization of financial market professionals working in the Philippines and involved in foreign exchange, global fixed income and derivatives markets.

ACI Philippines hosts a variety of events for its members every year to actively contribute to the development of the Philippine financial markets, the adoption of global best practices and continuing education of its members.

  • Members: 349
  • Since: 1973

ACI Singapore – The Financial Markets Association (formerly known as the Forex Association of Singapore) is the standard bearer for financial markets' professionals in Singapore. The Association was formed in 1973 and its history has been inextricably linked to Singapore’s emergence as a leading financial centre in the world.

  • Members: 100
  • Since: 1978
  • Members: 35
  • Since: 1983

Premier Association in developing, promoting, and stimulating innovation in the financial market/s of Sri Lanka, by providing continuous learning opportunities and upgrading of human capital of all stake holders, thus ensuring greater financial stability, sustained growth and prosperity.

  • Members: 22
  • Since: 1983

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