ACI Americas

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The objectives of ACI America are:

  • To establish the ACI America charter in the north American markets.
  • To serve as the primary  US representative of  ACI- The financial Markets Association, and provide guidance and suggestion to the Governing board,  council committees, and Country Charters in need of our input.
  • To serve our members that represent  the Foreign Exchange, interest Rate, Precious Metals, and Commodity Markets  in a  professional, courteous, and fair manner.
  • To promote and deliver a suite of Educational programs created by the ACI- Board of Education.
  • To Promote with full vigor the ACI Model code, seeking complete support and endorsement from our members and affiliates.
  • To host quarterly events that focus on industry challenges, trends, regulatory practice, and invite speakers of noteworthy reputation.
  • Members: 71
  • Since: 1974

Founded in 1972 as the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Association of Canada, FMAC changed its name in October 1996 to reflect the growing diversity of its membership base and to recognizes that many of our members are responsible for not only foreign exchange, but also derivatives, money markets, and capital markets. Our new name emphasizes the inclusive, rather than exclusive, nature of our organizational structure.

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