Release of the ACI Diploma New Version

Release of the ACI Diploma New Version
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  • Published Tue, 12/10/2019 - 17:39

ACI has now launched the Syllabus for the ACI Diploma New Version.

This is an exam that reflects some differences when compared to the ACI Diploma (currently valid with the Syllabus published in September 2017).

For years, the ACI Diploma has been an excellent internationally recognised exam designed to ensure that candidates acquire a superior theoretical and practical knowledge of the foreign exchange and money markets, their related instruments, environment and applications, and the linkages that exist between those markets and the practice of risk management. The ACI Diploma New Version follows the same path and candidates for both Diplomas are expected to have acquired a solid grounding in the core subject areas and have the requisite skills in financial mathematics prior to matriculating for any of these exams.

The course of study for both Diplomas is designed for senior foreign exchange and money market dealers, corporate and bank treasurers and senior operations staff.

The ACI Diploma has been recognised by several regulators across the world as an appropriate qualification for market professionals. As an example, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority recognises that the ACI Diploma fully meetings the qualification requirements for four activities of their RDR (Retail Distribution Review):

The ACI Diploma New Version builds on this and becomes the first ACI exam to be organised in five core areas (others will follow suit): Financial Markets Environment, Foreign Exchange, Rates, FICC Derivatives and Financial Markets Applications.

Whilst there is no additional content in the ACI Diploma New Version (when compared to the ACI Diploma), it does not contain learning objectives for technical analysis and risk management calculations.

The examination procedure of the ACI Diploma New Version is different as it contains 5 Topic Baskets where candidates must score a minimum of 50% in each (the ACI Diploma has 18 Topic Baskets). The overall pass score for both exams is 60%.

In addition, in the ACI Diploma New Version, there are no Topic Baskets exclusively with calculations and each correctly answered question is awarded with one mark in this exam.

Both exams will co-exist for a minimum period of 6 months and then the ACI Diploma will be officially retired (the exact date will be announced in 2020).

Under the guidance of the Board of Education, this is the first part of ACI’s project to update its exams suite. In the initial months of 2020, ACI will be launching its new Syllabus of the ACI Dealing Certificate (with updated and additional content), the FX Global Code exams in French and the ACI Diploma New Version in German. The new Syllabus of the ACI Operations Certificate (also with updated and additional content) and FX Global Code exams in other languages will follow suit.

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