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  • Published Thu, 01/30/2020 - 21:01

Today, 30th January 2020, relevant publications were added to the website of the Global Foreign Exchange Committee.

The Global Foreign Exchange Committee has issued a Press Release that provides a summary of the new publications in their website:
- The minutes of Sydney meeting (4/5 December 2019, attended by ACI FMA) and respective presentation slides
- The report “The Role of Disclosure and Transparency on Anonymous E-Trading Platforms”
- The results of the 2019 GFXC Survey completed by 354 Market Participants
- Frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) on the FX Global Code
- Case studies of buy-side firms that have adopted the Code
- An open letter received from the BIS with their recommendations for the Code’s effectiveness

All details of the GFXC Press Release can be seen in this link:

ACI FMA is pleased to have been invited to the GFXC Sydney meeting, where our President Delegate, Kim Winding Larsen, presented our education tools for FX Global Code adherence, with a special focus on how the ELAC portal (designed for e-learning, attestation and certification on industry codes) is helping to raise adherence to the FX Global Code since its launch.

The ACI FMA presentation is also available in the GFXC website on…

From today onwards, the website of the GFXC also includes a section entitled “Messages from GFXC” where its members explain how important the FX Global Code is to the FX Market (

ACI FMA welcomes all the published information and remains committed on its support to the GFXC, to its members and to the industry in the adherence and implementation of good market practices advocated by the FX Global Code.

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