Panel Discussion: FX Global Code... Education Matters!

Panel Discussion: FX Global Code... Education Matters!
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ACI FMA has hosted a Webinar on educational activities for the FX Global Code.

Education plays a key role in the adherence of Market Participants to the FX Global Code, as it helps professionals understand and implement its guidelines and principles in their daily roles.


With this framework, ACI FMA hosted a Webinar on Wednesday 15th December 2021 where an excellent group of experts discussed various topics such as:

- What level of educational activities should be applied by all Market Participants?
- Which should be the most appropriate format to ensure ongoing compliance to the FX Global Code?
- Which business areas should be involved in the conception and delivery of those activities?
- How regularly should they be delivered?


The Webinar was moderated by Rui Correia, ACI FMA Executive Director of Education, and included the following panellists:

- Duarte Pitta Ferraz, Professor of Governance & Banking, Nova School of Business and Economics
- Francisco Javier Fernandez Fernandez, Product Manager Global FX Client & Product Development, BBVA
- Peter Skerritt, Chief Executive Officer, Peter Skerritt & Associates
- Tobias Helmersson, Senior Market Operations Expert, European Central Bank


Recording of the Panel Discussion


Summary of the Panel Discussion

Regular training and attestation were mentioned as being important education tools to support the wider adherence of all individual Market Participants in the FX Market, regardless of the roles performed in their firms.

The panellists also referred that the involvement of senior management is essential, as they should be responsible for ensuring that the educational activities of their firm are being correctly designed and delivered to the relevant staff.

A balanced approach between the theoretical knowledge of the Code's principles and their practical application was also an important takeaway from this session, as they both help in the implementation of good market practices.


ACI FMA FX Global Code Education Offering

Having actively participated in the Market Participants Group that collaborated with the FX Working Group in the creation of the FX Global Code, ACI FMA has developed educational tools utilising and applying content of the Code since its launch in May 2017, to support Market Participants from all sectors of the industry to learn, understand and adopt it.

Our ELAC portal for E-Learning, Attestation and Certification on industry codes is a key element of those educational tools, as it has helped a significant number of professionals acquire, through its continuous training and testing features, the relevant knowledge to apply the guidelines of the FX Global Code in ‘real life’.

Our FX Global Code exams allow individual Market Participants, regardless of their chosen training methodology, to be tested on their understanding of the Code’s principles and good market practices.  

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