ACI FMA Visit to Indonesia and Thailand

ACI FMA and ACI FMA Indonesia
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  • Published Wed, 01/22/2020 - 22:43

Representatives from ACI FMA Management Board are in Asia this week to visit the local Market Participants.

In the first leg of this trip, ACI FMA Chairman, Bruno Langfritz, and ACI FMA President of Asia, Perry Savundranayagam, arrived in Jakarta for meetings with ACI FMA Indonesia, local banks and relevant regulators, with the objective to update the financial markets’ community on our continuous promotion for adherence to the FX Global Code, following ACI FMA’s attendance to the Global Foreign Exchange Committee meeting held in Sydney on December 2019.

ACI FMA presented its education suite in that meeting, with main focus on how its ELAC portal has been developed an as important tool for ongoing adherence and certification on industry codes for staff in all Market Participants.

After Jakarta, Bruno and Perry will be in Bangkok visiting the main banks to promote that education suite, as it contains essential tools to assist Market Participants that wish to adhere to the good market practices reflected in the principles of the FX Global Code.

2020 has barely started and ACI FMA is already active in its continuous efforts to raise awareness and encourage adoption to the FX Global Code, as demonstrated by this Asia trip and also by the visits of our President Delegate, Kim Winding Larsen, to London and Zurich in the last couple of weeks, where he attended events from ACI UK and ACI Suisse and also visited Market Participants (including regulators) and relevant ACI FMA partners.

ACI FMA are longstanding proponents and influencers of ethical conduct and good market practices to all financial market professionals.

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