ACI FMA Remote Council Meeting, 17th June 2020

ACI FMA Remote Council Meeting, 17th June 2020
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  • Published Thu, 07/02/2020 - 13:19

For the 1st time in ACI FMA's history and due to COVID-19 outbreak, the Council meeting was successfully held remotely.

The meeting took place last 17th of June, via video conference and was attended by more than 40 participants.

Bruno Langfritz, ACI FMA Chairman, opened the ACI FMA Council meeting and stated that, although the world is experiencing an unforeseen time, ACI FMA has been able to continue to work on supporting the Financial Markets and the ACI National Associations, communicating regularly and maintaining its activity and projects.

Kim Winding Larsen, ACI FMA President Delegate, focused his presentation on the 2019 – 2020 accomplishments and shared an overview of the upcoming plans.


Kim highlighted 5 important points/actions:

  1. Different pricing to be applied on the ACI Dealing Certificate New Version considering members and non-members status;
  2. A new videoconferencing service available to ACI National Associations and ACI FMA Committees;
  3. Settlement of new ELAC contracts with a 3 to 5 years term;
  4. ELAC reviewed version considering new scenarios, with addition of more content on regulation (such as the MiFID II or Benchmark Regulation) and Codes which will soon be available;
  5. New ACI FMA and ELAC presentation video, in short and long versions formats, recently produced and to be made accessible for all ACI National Associations.


Considering the voting points on the agenda:

  • The Councillors voted on the discharge of the ACI FMA Treasurer and the approval of the 2020 updated budget. Both proposals passed on simple majority reaching 81,97% and 83,33% votes in favour respectively;
  • Besides, with Bruno Langfritz’s Chairman term expiring in May 2020, the ACI FMA Management Board proposed the attribution of the Honorary Membership to Bruno Langfritz and renewing his term for one more year. Both items were submitted by electronic vote and passed on super majority (99,46% and 98,82% respectively);
  • The proposed new ACI FMA Statutes passed by super majority reaching 77,37% votes in favour. A final sanity check is still required and the new ACI FMA statutes draft will be reviewed accordingly.
  • Rui Correia, ACI FMA Board of Education Chairman and Director of Education, updated the attendees on the 2017/2020 ACI FMA Education Strategy & Plan and presented the 2020/2023 ACI FMA Education Strategy & Plan, approved on simple majority with 92,57% votes in favour.


Furthermore, the ACI FMA Regions Presidents and ACI FMA Committees and Working Groups Chairs updated the participants on the work being done and recent developments considering their Regions, Committees and Working Groups.


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