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  • Members: 156
  • Since: 1955

ACI Belgium is part of the European region comprising the Benelux, France and Monaco. The Regional Executive represents our country in ACI's Executive Committee. At least once a year the President and Secretary meet with colleagues in the Council meeting.

By meeting with collegues from other Associations, ACI Belgium aims to increase professionalism and raise ethical levels amongst members while fostering friendship at the same time.

  • Members: 10
  • Since: 2009
  • Members: 136
  • Since: 1995

ACI Croatia is a voluntary association of residents of the Republic of Croatia who are professionally engaged in foreign exchange business in commercial banks and central bank, as well as in other financial institutions and whose job is regulated and overseen by monetary authorities. The purpose of the association is sharing points of view and experience, socializing and additional education in the field of financial markets and instruments.

  • Members: 55
  • Members: 41
  • Since: 1995
  • Members: 148
  • Since: 1956

ACI Forex Finland -registered association- is a non-profit trade association for dealers in international financial markets.

  • Members: 235
  • Since: 1957

The aim of ACI Forex Denmark is to heighten the professional and ethical level amongst members, to elevate the effectiveness of the currency markets and to work for a good co-operation amongst currency traders inside Denmark as well as towards foreign financial institutions.

  • Members: 400
  • Since: 1955
  • Members: 145
  • Since: 1982
  • Members: 179
  • Since: 1991

ACI Hungary (Magyar Forex Tarsasag - MFT) is the official organization of hungarian money-market, forex, derivative and bond dealers. The mission of the organization is to improve professional knowledge of its members and represent the interests of Hungary based commercial banks on different forums.

  • Members: 78
  • Members: 99
  • Since: 1973

ACI Ireland is the financial markets association, members of which are in a large part engaged within the financial trading or sales environment in the global financial markets. Founded in 1973, ACI Ireland currently serves 270 members. ACI Ireland is part of a larger global association of wholesale financial market professionals, contributing to the market development through education and certification, market practices (The Model Code), technical advice and networking through business and/or social events.


  • Members: 50
  • Since: 1965
  • Members: 30
  • Since: 1996

ACI Macedonia – The Financial Markets Association is unprofitable voluntary Association of residents of the Republic of Macedonia who are professionally engaged in financial markets transactions.

  • Members: 77
  • Since: 1991

ACI Monaco aims to establish links between all stakeholders in the financial center of Monaco.

Offering courses on the various financial tools, the association wishes to contribute to the development of the banking industry.

  • Members: 111
  • Since: 1955

ACI The Netherlands is the Dutch division of the ACI The Financial Markets Association, representing the interest of the financial markets community and actively supporting the educational, professional and social interests of its members in the Netherlands.


  • Members: 201
  • Since: 1955
  • Members: 99

ACI Polska – the Polish Financial Markets Association is an organization of people with professional interest in the international and domestic monetary-currency. Markets transactions.The idea to establish the organization was put into practice by a group of dealers in 1992. This is when a formal status was given to a group of professionals who had so far acted unorganized. This is how Polskie Stowarzyszenie Dealerów Bankowych FOREX Polska (Polish Financial Markets Association) (now ACI Polska) came into being. As part of our business, we have been taking efforts to achieve the targets that we set out for ourselves. We are most interested in the educational aspect. We try to propagate the knowledge of financial markets and instruments as well as aiming at upgrading the professional and ethical standards of the Association members and integrating the dealers’ community.

  • Members: 75

Forex ACI Portugal was launched in 30 November 1967 as a member of the Association Cambiste Internationale, currently ACI - The Financial Markets Association (ACIFMA). Its first statutes were published in 1968 with Forex ACI Portugal being recognised as a non-profit association of public interest. Forex ACI Portugal has the following objectives: promote the development of market activities and new product launches; define frameworks for standards of conduct in cooperation with regulators; contribute to the technical and professional improvement of its members; promote the international certifications of ACIFMA; organise training courses, workshops and seminars; promote cultural and social activities.

  • Members: 95
  • Since: 1995
  • Members: 270
  • Since: 2004

ACI Russia has been holding its events since 2004 which have become a key gathering place for a community of Russian and international financial market professionals.

The focus of the Association is primarily the foreign exchange and money market, the mission is to represent and protect the interests of financial market specialists, promote the development of mutual understanding and education based on professional ethics, strengthen international relations, promote innovation and market initiatives, dialogue with the regulator and expert support. ACI Russia is leading the integration of Russia into the international process of working on the FX Global Code, its recognition and application in to business standards of Russian FX market.

  • Members: 114
  • Since: 1975

ACI Serbia was established in 1975 and is a member of ACI International.  ACI Serbia is an organization of employees with professional interest in local and international financial market products.  The goal of ACI Serbia is constant improvement of local financial market practice through education of its members, joint initiatives toward regulators and networking through business and social events. 

  • Members: 94
  • Since: 1997

ACI Slovenia is a voluntary association of Slovenian residents who are professionally involved in with financial instruments in banks and other financial institutions which are controlled by monetary authorities of Slovenia. The association purpose is to pursue additional education on financial instruments and markets and to enable the possibility of exchanging experiences between its members

  • Members: 63
  • Members: 275
  • Since: 1955
  • Members: 670

ACI SUISSE is the Swiss chapter of ACI FMA, based in Paris. 

ACI SUISSE was founded in 1956 under the name of FOREX Suisse and now totals close to 800 members.

  • Members: 82
  • Since: 2014
  • Members: 131
  • Since: 1956

ACI UK Financial Markets Association is the trade body that represents the interests of traders and brokers in the UK wholesale financial markets. ACI UK organises a range of business / social events throughout the year.

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