ACI Africa

ACI is currently represented in 10 countries on the continent, with a collective membership of 834 people. 

The vision of ACI Africa is to be represented in all 53 countries on the continent. As African economies find themselves amongst the fastest growing in the world; financial markets have seen a burst of growth and development on the continent.

National Associations

  • Members: 100

ACI Botswana is an affiliate of The Financial Markets Association and was established in 2017. Currently, the association has 99 active members representing banks across Botswana.

The association seeks to be instrumental in providing education to financial markets participants in the region as well as promote financial markets standards. The association also seeks to continuously engage with the central bank and all other relevant stakeholders. 

ACI Botswana is guided by five main goals which encompass greater participation in the wider financial markets space, transfer of skills and knowledge, promotion of financial market principles as well as creation of reputable financial markets professionals.

  • Members: 175
  • Since: 2013

Welcome to ACI Financial Markets Association, Ghana. We are the 54th member of ACI FMA International. We have come a long way from our days as Dealers club into transforming into a strong association made up of wholesale financial market professionals. Here in Ghana, our network spans all the banks and a number of non-bank financial institutions. We are committed to educating market participants, growing and deepening the financial markets in collaboration with all our relevant stakeholders. Join us on this interesting journey and see where a membership in ACI Ghana can take you…..

  • Members: 197
  • Since: 2000

ACI Kenya, an affiliation of the ACI - The Financial Markets Association, brings together all money market, fixed income and foreign exchange dealers within the Kenyan banking sector.

The Association has grown over the years to become a major influence in the Kenyan Banking sector.  Through interactions with major stakeholders, including the Central Bank, the association has played a key role in helping to raise the standards of the wider financial markets.

Operating on four key pillars, the Association seeks to make its presence felt in the wider financial markets, through trainings and social activities to create the holistic dealer.

  • Members: 40
  • Since: 2001

Being in existence for the last 21 years now, ACI Mauritius regroups all participants in the global markets environment including professionals operating in the different asset classes such as foreign exchange, money market, fixed income commodities and derivatives.

The main objects of the ACI Mauritius are:

- to promote education, training and improve technical skills and knowledge among dealers;

- to promote networking among market participants and other relevant counterparties with the intent of sharing knowledge to benefit the dealing profession;

- to be committed to behave in line with the ACI FX Global Code of Conduct and elevate professionalism and the effectiveness of the local financial landscape.

  • Members: 50
  • Since: 2009
  • Members: 250
  • Since: 1977

The main object of the South African Association is:

  • to promote greater international co-operation within the framework of the financial markets dealing profession, and similarly develop the links of friendship and cordial relationship between financial market dealers;
  • to improve technical skills and knowledge among dealers, and to promote the professional training and competence of new dealers;
  • to seek by every means to improve the reputation and dignity of the financial markets dealing profession;
  • generally, to promote education of the financial markets dealing profession;
  • to be committed to behave in line with the ACI Code of Conduct, the current ACI Charter and the ACI Statutes.
  • Members: 30
  • Since: 2002
  • Members: 30
  • Since: 2014

ACI Zambia FMA was established in 2001 and has a membership of 289. ACI Zambia FMA provides unique opportunities to network and interact with financial market players, gain international accreditation, and keep abreast with the happenings in the financial markets. Objectives of the Association: (a) Promote greater international cooperation among market players. (b) Improve technical skills and knowledge among dealers through professional training. (c) Seek means to protect and improve the reputation and dignity of the dealing profession.


  • Members: 60
  • Since: 2014

ACI Zimbabwe is a leading non-profit, non-political association of wholesale financial market professionals. ACI Zimbabwe has a proud and illustrious history of involvement in helping its membership through various market iterations/interactions.

ACI Zimbabwe was previously the Financial Traders Association of Zimbabwe(FTAZ) founded in 1987 gaining affiliation to ACI International in 2014. The affiliation ensures that Zimbabwean financial markets professionals are at pace with global developments.

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