Exam Booking and Test Centres

How to Register

From January 2017, ACI has taken over the management of test centres to improve the service we provide to exam candidates and members. Please use the link below to register and/or to indicate where you wish to sit an exam. 

ACI oversees an extensive and ever-growing Test Centre network with over 130 centres available to exam participants in more than 90 countries. Through our Test Centre partnerships further locations are continually being added. If you would like to register for an exam in a country which is not listed, please do specify the country in the corresponding field and we will do our best to organise an exam seat in a location nearest to you.

Book your Exam

Book an ACI exam seat in one of our exam centres or book an ACI Online exam.


The Exam

Candidates are allowed to take an own hand-held calculator into the exam, provided it is neither text programmable nor capable of displaying graphics with a size greater than 2 lines. Please find below a list of the most common calculator types that meet these criteria.

Candidates may ask the Test Centre for a printed ACI Formula Sheet. Erasable boards are also available on request.


Successful candidates will receive an email with confirmation of their result immediately after the exam with an electronic copy of their Certificate attached to the email. From exams taken after 14th February 2018 onwards, a formal paper version of the Certificate can only be produced under specific request made by candidates to ACI Head Office at a cost of 50  per certificate.


A candidate has the right to appeal the result of his or her exam to ACI’s Board of Education, within four weeks of sitting the exam.

Appeals may be made by candidates who experience unexpected physical, organisational or technical difficulties at the test centre, or who believe that reasonable doubts exist about an exam question. In the latter case, the candidate must offer a detailed submission about the specific question and topic basket.

The request for an appeal is submitted on ACI’s website exclusively by the candidate who failed the exam, and will only be accepted if the candidate makes a detailed statement with supporting reasons for his or her appeal.
Once a decision on his or her appeal is made the candidate cannot submit an appeal for the same examination again.

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