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ACI FMA ELAC - Bring Codes of Conduct and Good Market Practices to Life

ELAC is the ACI FMA Online Portal providing continuous training and certification for Codes of Conduct and Good Market Practices in financial markets, contextualised for industry sectors and financial markets participants, whilst being relevant to their role and experience level.

ACI FMA ELAC training promotes the highest global standards of professionalism, competence and ethical conduct in Financial Markets.


Please watch the video for a detailed presentation of the ACI FMA ELAC Portal (for E-Learning, Attestation and Certification) on Industry Codes of Good Market Practices.


Sign up to ELAC and demonstrate adherence to:

Foreign Exchange Global Code

UK Money Markets Code

Global Precious Metals Code


Real Life Scenarios –  sourced from Market Participants, with accompanying multiple choice question(s), explanation of answers and conclusion to Scenarios related to the relevant Principle of the applicable Code in Market Practices section.

PAR Sessions  – continous professional development, measuring and reporting of staff adherence, identifying gaps in knowledge and understanding, proportionally organising training with the objective to raise standards in ethical behavour and demonstrate culture change.

PAR Score  – Personal Accreditation Rating, a personal score for each member of staff that is transparent and demonstrates each individual's understanding of obligation to stay up to date with Codes of Conduct and Good Market Practices relevant to their role.

Self-Assessment – large number of self-selected multiple choice questions on each area of the relevant code and its principle to test knowledge in preparation for PAR sessions.

Subscriber Contribution – feedback of Market Practices and Self-Assessment is encouraged, providing the opportunity for subscribers to create and submit Scenarios relevant to their specific industry/sector/role/experience.

Self-Certification - demonstrate and communicate that staff throughout the organisation understand their obligation to stay up to date with the latest best practice in ethical conduct in the financial markets.


Access, learn and measure understanding of Codes of Conduct and Good Market Practices

Demonstrable and sustainable solution for adherence to Codes of Conduct and Good Market Practices

Content created and reviewed by senior participants from the financial markets

Global reach - delivery to all staff

Effective solution for compliance and HR for in-house training and adherence processes

Continuing learning and professional development (CPD points)



ACI FMA ELAC Market Practices

Reflecting own practices to industry standard



Demonstrating and communicating adherence

Training and education

"Offering our members access to high-quality training and education via the ELAC Portal is an important part of our mission to promote adherence to the Precious Metals Code."

Ruth Crowell
Chief Executive of LBMA
Press release 9 April 2018


Sign up for ACI FMA ELAC, a practical global industry-wide solution


Subscribing to ACI FMA ELAC will enable you to demonstrate the concrete steps you are taking to ensure that your employees are educated to the highest ethical standards of conduct, and that they understand their individual obligations.


ACI FMA ELAC for Central Banks & Regulators

Removes “constructive ambiguity” and assists industry directly by reinforcing common global standards, long recognised as adding value to the education and professionalisation of wholesale financial markets participants.

ACI FMA ELAC for Institutions

Monitor, measure and maintain adherence to industry standards; demonstrate ‘Code compliance’ to relevant competent authorities as required.

ACI FMA ELAC for Individual Market Participants

Individual market participants can use the Personal Accreditation Rating (PAR) tool to demonstrate understanding and attest to adherence, sharing expertise and promoting professionalism to colleagues, clients and supervisors.

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