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ACI FMA - Influencing Industry Behaviour, Supporting Market Practice

ACI Financial Markets Association (ACI FMA) is a leading global trade association representing the interests of the professional wholesale financial markets community. Established in 1955, ACI FMA is focused on enhancing best market practice and supporting market participants to adhere to principles of ethical conduct.

Our ACI Model Code was acknowledged as the first industry-wide Code of Conduct for OTC FX and related markets having been built on the original ACI Codes of Conduct from the 1970s. Subsequently updated to embrace the broader OTC community - and expanded from the dealing room through to back office operations - the ACI Model Code has strongly influenced many national Codes of Conduct but was retired in 2017 with the publication of the FX Global Code, the composition of which ACI FMA participated in, as well as other Code of Conduct initiatives.


As a condition of membership, all members of ACI FMA and of ACI National Associations are required to accept the principles of behaviour and market practice espoused by the FX Global Code and to follow other relevant market-applicable Codes of Conduct endorsed by ACI FMA. ACI FMA may release Further Guidance and Recommended Best Pratice advice from time to time to which members are expected to adhere to.  


ACI FMA's suite of education, certification and attestation products and services, its committees and industry working groups and its global network of National Associations provides a comprehensive framework for education, support and advice for individuals and organisations operating in today’s financial markets.

Our Statutes

ACI Financial Markets Association (ACI FMA) has decided to review its Statutes which were in place since March 14th, 2013.

Therefore, that revision period is now concluded and the new Statutes of ACI FMA have been approved and ratified by Councillors, and implemented on December 15th, 2020.

This set of rules have been agreed with regards to its purpose and principles, membership, National Associations, Management Board, Governing Laws and Jurisdiction, and they follow good market practices promoted by the FX Global Code and other relevant industry Codes.



  • Established: 1955
  • Chairman: Stéphane Malrait
  • International Members: 9,000
  • National Associations: 60
  • Education programmes under the guidance of Board of Education, include the ACI FX Global Code Certificate, ACI Dealing Certificate, ACI Operations Certificate, ACI Diploma and ACI Diploma New Version.
  • Industry best practice work on ethical conduct is governed by the ACI Committee for Professionalism.

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