ACI Russia Congress 2019

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    St. Regis Nikolskaya Hotel Mandarin Combustible Bar Malyy Cherkasskiy Pereulok, 2 Moskva Moskva 109012 Russia

ACI Russia will promote their 2019 Congress, next May 14th at the St. Regis Nikolskaya Hotel, Mandarin Combustible Bar, in Moscow.

The event will begin at 17:00 with registration and technology exhibition, where sponsors (Russian and international banks and vendor companies) will be able to present their product

The formal part of the program, which starts around 19:00, includes an annual report on the activities of the organization, a key report from a representative of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and a panel discussion on the most pressing problems of the foreign exchange market and its infrastructure.

After the end of the official part, from 21:00 onwards, a cocktail reception will follow.

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