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Partnering with ACI

Self-regulation - The foreign exchange market used to be viewed as an unregulated market. When trading volumes soared in the 1970’s, ACI members felt the need for professional internal rules and started drafting them. This led to the first self-regulatory Code of Conduct proposed by professionals - the ACI Model Code. It was well received and appreciated by banks’ management, central banks, and regulators all over the world. It set a global framework much needed in a free market, operating 24 hours a day, almost 7 days a week. As of today, it is still an exception in the financial world.

Over 40 years, the Model Code underwent a series of changes to reflect new technology, new professions, new populations and new ethical frameworks. More recently, the Model Code is acknowledged as having made a significant contribution to the FX Global Code published in May 2017.  ACI also participated directly in the Market Participants' Group working with the FX Working Group responsible for drafting the new Code.

The E-Learning, Attestatiom and Certification Portal (ELAC) offers individuals, teams and organisations an effective service to monitor, measure and maintain up to date knowledge of the FX Global Code, and other industry Codes, supporting adherence and attestation (of adherence) to relevant competent authorities.

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ELAC helps you to demonstrate the concrete steps you are taking to ensure that all of your staff are educated to the highest ethical standards of conduct, and that they understand their individual obligations.


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  • FX Global Code at your fingertips
  • Service available and in use around the world
  • Global reach / delivery to all staff
  • Central bank / regulator recognition
  • Public, visible sponsorship of FX Global Code and associated market best practice

ACI's global network of industry experts contribute to helping institutions embed high ethical standards within their corporate culture. The contribution that these individuals and organisations make to overall improvement of the financial services industry and the overall leadership they represent, is widely recognised.

Portable Education Certification

Although ACI is not a global campus as such, it boasts an extensive network of trainers, mostly former professional traders. The Association has built a strong reputation for its Certification programmes. A growing number of candidates sit its Dealing Certificate, Operation Certificate and ACI Diploma every year. The global recognition of ACI certification from London to Singapore, Cape Town to Moscow, is a major appeal. Like an international driving licence, ACI Ccertificates are recognised by the vast majority of local financial authorities and bank management. In an increasing number of countries, operators cannot trade without ACI certification.

Membership services to individual members

ACI is the only financial association geared to representing individual members. Members, professionally recognised for their expertise, are regularly consulted by central bank, financial authorities and regulatory bodies or asked to join working groups. Freedom to speak outside of an employee 'umbrella' and independence are a key element of the  ACI ethos.

Institutional Code of Conduct Services

ACI provides a variaty of services to inistutions, focused on maintaining quality and relevance as well as building brand equity

  • Build and sustain a committed and highly trained workforce
  • Embed importance of culture change inside your organisation
  • Ensure your staff are participating in the industry via a number of opportunities in the ACI Working Groups
  • Add to staff opportunities via the ACI Education platform
  • Deliver better services to your clients
  • Enable your organisation to successfully pass risk assessments conducted by regulators
  • Staff members fulfill the requirements established by financial services authorities for regulated activities

ACI offers arbitration services helping resolve professional disputes between banks, banks and clients or even between clients.

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