ACI Accredited Trainers

ACI Accredited Trainers

ACI – The Financial Markets Association is an exam body and exam preparation opportunities are delivered by third parties like training companies, business schools and authors.

Various ACI National Associations offer their own preparation courses for the ACI exams. Please visit the website of your ACI National Association and check if they offer a prep course.


On 1st April 2019, ACI has launched its Trainer Accreditation Policy.

The following training companies are now ACI Accredited Trainers:

- Advanced Studies and Training Center

- Examready Training Academy

- Finance Trainer Luxembourg s.a.r.l.

- The Financial Markets Academy

- Full Value Financial Services (PTY) Ltd

- ICAP Training Solutions PTY Ltd

- Markets International Ltd

- Multimedia TradeWind Limited

- Peter Skerritt & Associates (PTY) Ltd


Soon, we will be listing their activities which may help you with your exam preparation.


Disclaimer: "ACI takes no responsibility nor liability for the performance of the services and training methodologies of ACI Accredited Trainers".

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