ACI Operations Certificate

ACI Operations Certificate

No transaction can take place without the back-office. It provides a vital service to the front office by ensuring that all funds flow in a timely and correct manner and all necessary documentation is completed. This examination has been designed to provide a benchmark for competency in all aspects of the operations process.

The ACI Operations Certificate supports treasury operations teams and related groups to efficiently cope with stronger competition in the financial markets and to smooth co-operation with supervisory bodies. Candidates will become up-to-date with the latest developments that affect the treasury operations. It also helps candidates to develop a front to end treasury view in terms of process promoting a better understanding between trading community and operations staff.

The course is designed for the following groups:

  • Operations staff with at least 2 years of experience and seniors
  • Other Trading Room Support Areas
  • Internal and external Auditors
  • Compliance and Risk Officers
  • Product Control
  • Vendors

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The ACI Operations Certificate is delivered in English and German language and is a precursor to the ACI Diploma. The price is 250 € all taxes included.

Exam registration

Registration and booking for the ACI Operations Certificate can be made through our Global Education Centre.


How to study

ACI – The Financial Markets Association is an exam body and exam preparation opportunities are delivered by third parties like training companies, business schools and authors. Also various national forex associations offer their own preparation courses for the ACI exams. Please visit your ACI National Association website and check if they offer a preparation course.

Resources to help candidates with their exam preparation:

Please check the ACI Accredited Trainers section in this website for further details of their activities, as they may help with the preparation for your exam:

Disclaimer: ACI takes no responsibility for the performance of any Accredited Trainer, does not offer advice to specific training methodologies and, as a matter of policy, does not offer accreditation to any companies that act as a supplier to the Association or its members.

Career and Employer Benefits

  • Increase candidate opportunities nationally and internationally with a global qualification
  • Fulfil the requirements established by financial services authorities for regulated activities
  • Learn a global standard and skill set which is unique in treasury
  • Become part of a global community of thousands of ACI Certificate holders
  • Support your organisation to successfully pass risk assessments conducted by regulators
  • Staff members fulfil the requirements established by financial services authorities for regulated activities

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