ACI FX Global Code Certificate

ACI FX Global Code Certificate

Published on 25 May 2017 and updated on August 6 2018 by the Bank for International Settlements Foreign Exchange Working Group, the FX Global Code (FXGC) provides a common set of principles and guidelines to promote the integrity and effective functioning of the wholesale foreign exchange market. Available from May 25 2017, the ACI FX Global Code Certificate offers formal testing and qualification of an individual’s comprehensive understanding of the 6 themes and 55 principles set out in the Code, testing practical application of aligned best market practices with real  ‘use case’ scenarios.  

The Certificate is an excellent first step to demonstrating adherence to the new Global Code to relevant competent authorities and a potential differentiator in respect of 'Code compliance' and career development.

This Certificate has the following characteristics:

  • You need to complete it in a supervised test centre
  • It has a maximum duration of 1 hour
  • You have 40 questions to test your knowledge of the FX Global Code
  • The minimum pass level is 75% and the respective Certificate will have a validity of 1 year to allow for continuous testing of the principles and guidelines of the FX Global Code (subsequent annual renewals are priced at 100 € all taxes included)

This programme is designed for all Market Participants defined by the Global Code, including:

  • Financial market participants across buy side, sell side and intermediary institutions
  • Regulators and central banks
  • Middle office and operations personnel
  • Compliance and risk officers

The ACI FX Global Code Certificate is complemented by continuous learning and proof of adherence through the ACI ELAC portal.

Register for ACI FX Global Code Certificate Exam

The ACI FX Global Code Certificate is delivered in English and in French. The price is 150 € all taxes included.

Exam registration

Registration and booking for ACI FX Global Code Certificate Exam can be made through our Global Education Centre.


How to Study

All ACI examinations are delivered electronically in a controlled environment in an accredited Test Centre. ACI Financial Markets Association is an exam body and exam preparation opportunities are delivered by third parties like training companies, business schools and authors.

Resources to help candidates with their exam preparation:

Please check the ACI Accredited Trainers section in this website for further details of their activities, as they may help with the preparation of your exam:

Disclaimer: ACI takes no responsibility for the performance of any Accredited Trainer, does not offer advice to specific training methodologies and, as a matter of policy, does not offer accreditation to any companies that act as a supplier to the Association or its members.

Career and Employer Benefits

  • Formal certification of individual’s understanding of prevailing global conduct standards and market practices   
  • Enhanced professional development profile with a recognised industry qualification
  • Fulfilment of adherence obligations imposed by financial services authorities
  • Explore further ACI Education opportunities within your CPD profile.

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