ACI Diploma

ACI Diploma

The ACI Diploma builds on the ACI Dealing Certificate and the ACI Operations Certificate, being designed to ensure that candidates acquire a superior theoretical and practical knowledge of the foreign exchange and money markets, their related instruments, environment and applications, and the linkages that exist between those markets and the practice of risk management. Candidates are expected to have acquired a solid grounding in the core subject areas and have the requisite skills in financial mathematics prior to matriculating for the Diploma.

Target Group

The course of study for the ACI Diploma is designed for:

  • Senior foreign exchange and money market dealers;
  • Corporate and bank treasurers;
  • Senior operations staff.


Whilst recommended, there is no obligation for candidates to have passed either the ACI Dealing Certificate or ACI Operations Certificate in order to be eligible to register for the ACI Diploma examination.

Examination - ACI Diploma

In each Diploma examination a candidate will be asked 107 multiple choice test questions to be answered in three hours. The computer-based exams will be offered in selected test centres all over the world.

There are six core subject areas in the ACI Diploma:

  • Foreign Exchange;
  • Money Markets;
  • Fixed Income;
  • Derivatives;
  • Market Analysis;
  • Risk Management.

Register for ACI Diploma Exam

The ACI Diploma is delivered in English and in German language. The price is 350 € all taxes included.

Exam registration

Registration and booking for the ACI Diploma can be made through the Global Education Centre.


Exam preparations

Candidates will prepare for the Diploma exams via training methodologies such as class-room training, books and e-learning tools (amongst others).

Resources to help candidates with their exam preparation:

Please check the ACI Accredited Trainers section in this website for further details of their activities, as they may help with the preparation for your exam:

Disclaimer: ACI takes no responsibility for the performance of any Accredited Trainer, does not offer advice to specific training methodologies and, as a matter of policy, does not offer accreditation to any companies that act as a supplier to the Association or its members.

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