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The Model Code encapsulates the best possible practice of Code of Conduct in the financial markets industry -  including the latest market developments, best practice and technical advice for practitioners.



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ACI qualifications act as a licence to deal in many countries, providing evidence to interested parties of importance placed on highest standards of practice and ethical conduct.

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ACI FMA has replied to the ESMA consultation

We are pleased to be able to share this document with you in the attachment herein. This is yet further evidence of the strength of our collective efforts, and to the ability of the ACI FMA to pull such consultation documents together to assist our industry.

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 "In the financial markets, nothing is more important than trust. ACI is the world’s leading non-profit, non-political association of wholesale financial market professionals, and has a proud and illustrious history of involvement in helping educate and test individuals on ethical conduct and best practices."


Marshall Bailey
President ACI